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Friday, 20 May 2011


The purest and most satisfying way to execute a route is to solo it with no protection (ropes or gear.) It is a form of climbing that is taken up by fanatics world wide and is something I have experienced only on very easy routes. Although my experience of this type of climbing is very minimal, the sense of freedom of movement in comparison to rope aided climbing is to say the least addictive. However as you can imagine it is at the most extreme end of an already extreme sport and is ridiculously dangerous.

This got me thinking about the freest way to create art versus the most restrained way to created art. If you think about it as artist students we have ultimate freedom in what we do which is terrifying. We get to write our own brief and tackle it in anyway we want, at no point over the last two years have we been given any form of restriction on our creativity. So what if we were given guide lines and boundaries? Would our work be any less expressive? could boundaries in fact improve our work? or like relying on a rope to climb with, would it restrict our freedom of movement? as suggested by Juan I had a look at Matthew Barney's Drawing restraints. Restraining creativity in the most physical sense.     

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