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Sunday, 26 February 2012


Tunnel Vision seeks to dispel current misconceptions about contemporary art shows. It aims to rail against the notion of a ‘white wall’ gallery space and the pretences that are associated with this kind of event. By using the Williamson tunnels as a setting, the group intends to create a space wherein their work can become accessible and recognisable beyond the confines of the hegemony of Fine Art, responding to and working with the aesthetic and history of a space that was not necessarily created to house art.

The history of the Williamson tunnels comes into play when the function of art is considered; both are essentially useless out of context:
The original purpose of the tunnels is largely unknown, as is art to major social sectors.

In theory art has become introverted and exclusive. The mass perception of ‘high’ contemporary art is one laden with jargon and complicated interpretations that without a specific education in Fine Art become very difficult to penetrate and understand. This has resulted in many instances to an almost secular attitude to ‘high’ contemporary art and a feeling of alienation to certain sections of society.

The aim of this exhibition is to expel said exclusivities and attempt to diversify the audience that this high art receives. That is not to suggest, however, that the art included does not have a conceptual nature. Through group critiques with the public and peers our aim is to eradicate the exclusivity of conceptual art.

With the aid of this publication and the interconnectivity of the work it is our hope that anyone who wishes to can create their own concise interpretation without the need for a forced or expected intellectual view. This will prevent patronisation and a pretentious ‘spoon feeding’ so often associated with the analysis of contemporary art.

The tunnels are a historical landmark in Liverpool largely unrelated to art exhibitions. It is therefore important that those who visit unaware of the work can quickly and easily gain a sense of accessibility and understanding. This then provides a function to the art other than to appease the appetite of its regular audience.

Tunnel Vision Exhibition Poster

Student talks Poster 

Artist Statement- Tunnel vision exhibition

My current body of work challenges the idea of perceived limit, both physical and mental. My interest lies particularly in the human ability to exceed physical limit due to the power of the mind.

My film based pieces, all require some form of physical input from the viewer in order to be accessed. Following the same principle as repetitive physical exercise, ‘you get out of it what you are willing to put in to it.’ The pieces are designed to become more coherent and rewarding as you expel more energy.

By encouraging the participants to physically exert themselves in order to experience the art, the work plays with our modern society. Digital art in the form of music, photography and film downloads is not only infinitely accessible but also equally disposable. My aim is to create an experience that encourages the viewer to take a step back and consider if the ease of accessing digital material is causing it to be less valued.    

In a sense the work contradicts our manifesto, ‘…to expel exclusivities and attempt to diversify the audience.’ It could in fact be described as esoteric, a willingness and ability to participate could be construed as a worthiness to view the art. It brings to light the ‘…secular attitude to ‘high’ contemporary art…’ The work directly divides the audience, but due to physical ability and willingness as opposed to intellectually ability. 

Monday, 13 February 2012

Piece specifics

The piece will be in the form of a projected film. The pace of the film will be controllable by physical input from the viewer (stable bicycle.) The pace and intensity of the film is controlled by the pace of the viewers peddling. The intensity of the experience will build with the use of sound, imagery and lighting.   


  Layer 1
  -live feed-Of participant on bike. Activated by pressure sensor in the seat.
  Layer 2
  -Visual and auditory representation of the feeling of reaching
  and pushing past physical limit.
  Technical aspect
  -Magnet attached to the spokes counts rotations
  -Arduino kit
  -Hall sensor


  Released during vigorous exercise after reaching a THRESHOLD. They induce a state of Euphoria. Stops pain (allowing you to push beyond a point of physical limit). A feeling of light headedness, overwhelming sense of contentment and warmth (mild version of what happens if you take heroin) which explains why exercise can become so ADDICTIVE.
  Representation visually-
  Initial exertion-strenuous, seemingly endless, painful
  Breaking through threshold-Entering a Utopia   
Rachel Armstrong: Degree show proposal 2011

Challenging Limits.

Over the past 4 months I have had the chance to push myself both mentally and physically beyond what I initially believed possible, through training for climbing. Experiencing such an intensive training process has dictated the direction of my creative practice. 

My aim for the degree show is to exhibit a piece that explores the physical limit and beyond. It will look at how the physical and mental aspects of enduring exercise are interlinked, while encouraging viewers to participate in physical exercise.   

The piece will be in the form of a projected film. The pace of the film will be controllable by physical input from the viewer. The intensity of the experience will build with the use of sound, imagery and lighting.  

Initial ideas:
-   Pull up bar- The film starts when the viewer pulls up and continues to play while there is pressure on the bar. Once the pressure is released the film stops.
-   Weighted handle- The same concept as above however the viewer has control over pace and intensity as more pressure is applied.
-   Stable bicycle- The pace and intensity of the film is controlled by the pace of the viewers peddling. 

A power source
A sectioned off area with a white wall to project onto
Space to put apparatus i.e. bike