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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Personal performance boundaries

I find long term aims daunting and improbable. At this stage the thought of writing a dissertation and putting on a final degree show seem impossible. However by taking big long term aims, slicing them up in to manageable slithers and focusing on each slither in turn makes everything seem achievable.
I have recently been offered a sponsorship to climb with a bouldering team by the Hanger in Liverpool. I've always climbed for enjoyment and never expected to have the opportunity to take my ability to this level of competitiveness. I have been given the opportunity to push my ability to its very limits with professional supervision. Although this is incredibly exiting, like with my other long term goals, thinking about the process of getting to that level of ability currently seems impossible.

The obvious way around this would be to create manageable slithers  

I think that documenting my training process would be a good way of demonstrating how setting boundaries effects creativity and performance.

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