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Sunday, 7 November 2010

A sense of Non-place

Essay topic

“The world is getting smaller due to the increasing ability to travel.” Jagjit Chuhan (Lecture 4/10/10 ‘a sense of place’). Cities that once had had very unique distinguishable cultural differences now suffer from a complete loss of identity. European city centres in particular seem to have been developed in to one mass of international shopping arcades and are no longer distinguishable. During a trip to Madrid last year, whilst standing between Zara and H and M on the main high street it became apparent that I could have been anywhere in Europe in fact I could have been Stood on Fargate in the centre of Sheffield. My essay for this semester will be written on how modern and contemporary artists explore the idea of identity and lack of identity of place. Photographer Andreas Gursky bases his work on the anonymous non-place.    
"99 Cent", 1999, 207 x 337 cm.
 "Ruhrtal", 174 x 223 cm.
"Tokyo Stock Exchange", 1990, 188 x 230 cm. 

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