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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Touched at the Tate

Child's play

Nina Conall currently has a series of sculptural installations in the Tate as part of the liverpool Biennial. One piece in particular effected me, but in a way that was completely unexpected. The piece 'Anatomy of the rising tide' consists of a series of long thin glass tubes hanging in a uniformed row, containing water from the Mersy river. The tubes are hung close to  a huge window which looks out on to the Mersy itself. Natural light form the window hits the Glass and is dispersed, causing it to flicker around the room in a very poetic way. For the duration of the time I spent in the room a small child had noticed the dancing light and proceeded to crawl underneath the hanging glass tubes. I found it particularly interesting how the child responded to the piece. She lay there almost hypnotized for about 5 minutes playing cautiously with the flecks of light, attempting to catch them in the palm of her hand. It made wonder what the piece looked like from the point of view of the child and as the security guard looked over in a fond, unconcerned way it also made me extremely envious. Can you imagine the response if I had decided to crawl underneath a piece of Nina Conalls work?!                       

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