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Friday, 10 December 2010

Post Review

The previous few weeks have consisted of fighting with projectors and DVD writing programs with the intention of creating a very specific piece of video art. Although I feel my assessment went well there were a few limitations I came across whilst working with the space and projectors that stopped me from achieving exactly what I wanted. So overall a rather stressful experience. After the assessment last Wednesday along with a slight feeling of disappointment I naturally felt a huge sense of relief that it was over. I jumped on a train to Manchester to visit a friend with the intention of giving my brain a creative break, however during the 50 minute journey I found myself scrawling in my notebook frantically writing down all the feed back and advice I'd been given during the assessment. It made me realise how I'm constantly thinking in a creative way (however it's not always productive creativity.)

Amongst the frantic scrawl I've managed to extract a series of bullet points that explain my plan of action over the Christmas break.

  • To capture a huge file of film to work with 
  • To concentrate on experimenting with editing film using Final Cut
  • Look in to buying a second hand projector
  • Experiment with filming underwater
  • Look at the work of wide range of film artist particularly older, more primitive techniques.

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