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Friday, 14 January 2011

The time over Christmas I spent on my work mainly consisted of getting used to using Final cut as an editing program rather than i-movie. I found myself spending unnecessarily long periods of time trying to work out how to achieve seemingly simple effects such as - making My various films black and white and removing and editing sound. Final cut frustrated me. Not only how complicated film editing had become in comparison to the previous program but also the fact that I'd willingly spent 60 odd quid on the program and that it had slowed down my laptop a considerable amount! After a good 2 hour session trying to make sense of you-tube tutorials with no luck I began to write a list of all the problems I had encountered (in my new lovely moleskin notebook.) On the Monday I got back to uni I went straight to the Mac suite and asked the technicians to go through my list of problems. What it taught me about my own work process is that I need to be more open to learning new skills and also be open to the fact that new skills take time and focus to perfect. Ive realised how I need to exploit the very readily available help and support available at uni whilst I still can and to not be afraid to ask for help. It also taught me that Macs are not as seamless and perfect as they claim to be!  

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