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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Climbing holiday-Murcia Spain

A few days ago I got back from Spain where I spent Twelve days sport climbing in the Costa Blanca region with a group of friends from the LJMU climbing club. The fortnight was absolutely incredible, and in terms of relevance to my current project.....There is nothing more anxiety inducing than hanging off a cliff with the tip of your fingers One thousand five hundred meters above sea level attached to a rope and a tiny metal bolt knowing that if you get the next move slightly wrong you could quite easily fall and crack your head open on a rock. However terrifying the prospect, the feeling of adrenaline and achievement you get when clipping in to the top of a challenging route will always outweigh the anxiety! although I've been climbing a good two years now, spending an fortnight climbing intensely made me realise that that feeling is actually one of the things I live for. I have also realised how important it is to have enthusiasm and passion for everything you do. And that in fact that anxiety can actually be a very positive thing in healthy doses, without it life would be pretty boring!


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