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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Post assesment point 3

I felt very positive coming out of my assessment. It was the first time Ive come out of an assessment this year feeling that I really deserved a decent mark for all the work I'd put in. My presentation went really well and displaying the piece in a more realistic environment worked really well as it enabled me to gage my audiences responses in a more relative way.

The instant feed back I received from fellow students and Tutors was very useful. I was advised to think about the following;
  • Finding away to make the 3 projections more encompassing to create more of an enclosed feeling- my idea is to set up the 3 projections so that there is no space in between each screen.
  • working out a way of making sure the audience experiences the entirety of the piece from start to finish. I'm thinking of being present for the whole night so that I am available to make sure each projection starts at the correct time. I could possibly set specific viewing times every half an hour to make sure the night runs smoothly.
  • Showing the 'controlling the uncontrollable' film in contrast to the irrational thought process film-I will use headphones so that the sounds don't clash.

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