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Sunday, 25 September 2011

I have spent this last week predominantly researching. Whilst prowling the internet for inspiration I came across the work of two artists that caught my attention.

Hamish Fulton (the walking artist) much like Mathew Barney intrigued me due to the direct Physical engagement he has with his work and his environment. The way he produces work is refreshingly simple yet effective. He walks and he creates pieces of art representing the walk allowing us to engage indirectly. Although the works he creates hold their own as individual pieces of art it is very obvious that it is in the physical process of walking that the true art is created (in the direct influence the exertion has on his mind and body). The two pieces below I found most effective. The first uses text to show the physical connection between three separate biological processes, essentially emphasizing the connection between the mind and the body during physical exercise. The second is simply a photograph of worn walking boots a symbol of the how the process of walking has had a direct physical effect on the artist. It is a powerful image as it speaks for itself with no need for text as explanation, the piece is the walk.
I plan to carry on documenting my climbs as before but as Fulton has done by archiving various found objects and relevant material.

As I mentioned in my proposal I am also interested in looking at and portraying how the mind works during the physical process of tackling a climb. Last year I used video installation to recreate the feeling of anxiety and plan to continue to explore this and to continue to experiment using video and video editing. I was advised to look at the work of Douglas Gordon in particular his film 'Zidane-a 21st century portrait.' A piece of video of a full length football match focusing solely on Zidane. Having no interest in football what so ever I was skeptical however on watching I became instantly mesmerized by the way in which the footballer moved. The piece is filmed in such a way that I forgot that I was watching a football match. Parts of it are so intimate that I felt uncomfortable. It was as if I was witnessing the players thought process's including his anxiety's which ultimately manifest themselves as physical behaviors such as involuntary twitches and exertions of breath. This kind of intimate filming is something I am eager to try with climbing and plan to do so the next time I get chance to climb out doors.


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