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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Matthew childs 9 rules of Rock climbing (and life)

 1.Don’t let go- You will think about letting go way before you physically have too. Try to allow your body to keep up with your mind.
2.Hesitation is bad- The longer you hesitate the more time you have to panic and the less likely you are to complete the move successfully.
3.Have a plan- Work through the route in your mind before attempting it.
4.The move is the end- Each move is as integral to reaching the end as the last
5.Know how to rest- The very best climbers are the ones who, in the most extreme of situations can get in to a position where they can rest their bodies and minds
6.Learn to control fear- If you are focusing on fear you are not focusing on what you are doing but instead on the consequences of failing what you are doing.
7.Opposites are good- Focus on physics. Opposing pressure equals balance.
8.Strength doesn’t always equal success- Balance is far more important
9.Know how to let go- Plan your falls where possible a controlled fall is less likely to cause serious injury.

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