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Thursday, 20 October 2011

METAL-Tunnel Vision

After viewing the metal at edge hill tunnels as a possible exhibition space yesterday I am completely hooked on the idea. The space consists of 9 derelict train tunnels next to the railway line that could be quite easily be cleaned up and used to display work. The sight has a really rustic, historical and raw feel to it, and I reckon my current practice would work well in it.
The idea is that we set up an exhibition at the beginning of May as a sort of taster project for our final degree show. I currently have a few ideas for the space all involving a performance, endurance and or an audience participation aspect-
  • The first involves building a climbing wall in the space and using it to set up an endurance experiment/performance piece.
  • The second idea I have is to set up a massive canvas covering one side of the tunnel walls and rigging up a series of drawing restraints using harness's and ropes. I could either create a piece of work myself and invite an audience to watch me doing so or I could invite an audience to take part in the installation. This would explore how restricting freedom of creativity effects the artist.

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