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Friday, 2 December 2011

Movement, creativity
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Calling all Artists and climbers

Next Thursday the 8th of December between 6pm and 8pm I have made arrangements with the Climbing Hanger to to allow me to carry out some filming for my project work. I would like to invite you all to get involved. I am keen to start bridging the gap between climbing and creativity as both go hand in hand. I thought a good place to start would be by introducing my climbing world to my art world.

The climbing hanger specialises in bouldering. In short, bouldering is doing short climbs (called problems) over huge crash pads, which means there are no ropes. They are called problems because they require solving, the general aim in bouldering is not to the top of everything first time, but to find something on the edge of your ability and solve the problem both through perfecting the movement, but also figuring out which moves to use. If you need any advice members of the LJMU climbing club will be on hand.

There are a multitude of easy problems for everyone to have a go at and to get an Idea of what bouldering is about. I will be filming 6 of these routes and will be using the footage to look at how creativity is used to solve these problems. (Those of us who are artists should naturally have a head start due to our creative nature.)

The session will start at 6pm where I will gather everyone round for a short briefing. It would be great if you could arrive 20 minutes early to give you some time to get changed and hire climbing shoes if u want to. The Hanger charge £6.50 for students which I’ve unfortunately not been able to get them to waver however will allow you to climb until close (10pm) if you want too. 

The centre is easy to find it is 5 minutes walk from Sand hills train station, which is two stops from central station on the northern line. All the info you will need is on the hanger website: http://www.theclimbinghangar.com/the-centre/how-to-find-us/

Bring student ID in order to get a student price and wear comfortable clothing and shoes (that you would normally exercise in.)

If you are able to come I would really appreciate it, as it will be brilliant to get lots of footage for my project.

If you have any query’s feel free to contact me at rachelarm@gmail.com

Thanks Rachel Armstrong

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