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Monday, 13 February 2012

Rachel Armstrong: Degree show proposal 2011

Challenging Limits.

Over the past 4 months I have had the chance to push myself both mentally and physically beyond what I initially believed possible, through training for climbing. Experiencing such an intensive training process has dictated the direction of my creative practice. 

My aim for the degree show is to exhibit a piece that explores the physical limit and beyond. It will look at how the physical and mental aspects of enduring exercise are interlinked, while encouraging viewers to participate in physical exercise.   

The piece will be in the form of a projected film. The pace of the film will be controllable by physical input from the viewer. The intensity of the experience will build with the use of sound, imagery and lighting.  

Initial ideas:
-   Pull up bar- The film starts when the viewer pulls up and continues to play while there is pressure on the bar. Once the pressure is released the film stops.
-   Weighted handle- The same concept as above however the viewer has control over pace and intensity as more pressure is applied.
-   Stable bicycle- The pace and intensity of the film is controlled by the pace of the viewers peddling. 

A power source
A sectioned off area with a white wall to project onto
Space to put apparatus i.e. bike 

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