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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Artist Statement- Tunnel vision exhibition

My current body of work challenges the idea of perceived limit, both physical and mental. My interest lies particularly in the human ability to exceed physical limit due to the power of the mind.

My film based pieces, all require some form of physical input from the viewer in order to be accessed. Following the same principle as repetitive physical exercise, ‘you get out of it what you are willing to put in to it.’ The pieces are designed to become more coherent and rewarding as you expel more energy.

By encouraging the participants to physically exert themselves in order to experience the art, the work plays with our modern society. Digital art in the form of music, photography and film downloads is not only infinitely accessible but also equally disposable. My aim is to create an experience that encourages the viewer to take a step back and consider if the ease of accessing digital material is causing it to be less valued.    

In a sense the work contradicts our manifesto, ‘…to expel exclusivities and attempt to diversify the audience.’ It could in fact be described as esoteric, a willingness and ability to participate could be construed as a worthiness to view the art. It brings to light the ‘…secular attitude to ‘high’ contemporary art…’ The work directly divides the audience, but due to physical ability and willingness as opposed to intellectually ability. 

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