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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Allan Kaprow Reenactment of Round trip

Performance art is something that I have in the past stayed very clear of and refused to touch with a barge pole. I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself involved in today until I found myself walking down one of the busiest streets in Liverpool city center banging a siv with a metal spoon. As I believe, in the original piece, Kaprow encouraged participants to carry two balls of paper, gradually increasing the size of them by adding more paper to them as they walked in a sort of procession. In addition, during our reenactment we were encouraged to make lots of noise, which added hugely to the embarrassment. At the start of our walk I found myself cowering behind everyone else desperately hoping not to be seen by someone I knew. As the event progressed I found myself becoming more and more relaxed to the point that I was getting overly involved. By the end of the walk I felt surprisingly liberated and free. It was a very different yet enjoyable experience with the definite highlight being, being confronted by a group of Tesco managers for raiding through their bins and having to explain that it was all in the name of art. http://www.moca.org/kaprow/

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