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Monday, 27 September 2010

Lecture 'The consumption of art' followed by seminar

Lecture with Sheila followed by seminar with Jay-

After attending the Lecture about consumption of art (and not really understanding much out of it) I was very reluctant to attend the seminar, feeling that I didn’t really have much to contribute. It turned out that taking part in the seminar was the most rewarding thing I did today. I didn’t really understand the idea that Sheila was trying to get across but after discussing it amongst a group of people and hearing a variety of different opinions everything became much clearer. The thing that scares me about seminars is that I don’t feel confidant enough in my ‘artistic intellect.’ I often find that listening to people talk about art who seem to ‘know what they’re talking about’ makes me feel inadequate. The seminar today made me realize that you don’t necessarily have to be ridiculously eloquent and out spoken to get your opinion across about art, and that I will only gain confidence in sharing my views and public speaking if I practice doing so.

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