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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Talk by Lorenzo Fusi curator of Touched Biennial followed by visit to Rapid-Renshaw street

I woke up this morning with a feeling of absolute dread, 8.30am. The earliest I’ve got out of bed for a whole four months. A whole day of university ahead of me, almost unheard of for a fine art student. As the day progressed I was reminded of why I chose Fine art as a degree in the first place.

I found the talk by Lorenzo completely invaluable, listening to how the 2010 Biennial was curatored gave me a fresh insight in to the business side to fine art reminding me off all the possible job prospects available other than being an ‘artist.’ The thing that I found most reassuring was to hear how that even on a very professional level art is still very unpredictable. I found Lorenzo engaging, and articulate yet at the same I felt he didn’t take himself too seriously. This restored my faith in arty type professionals on the whole.

Renshaw Street was the first part of the Biennial I engaged in. I’ve got to say I came out with very mixed feelings. Some of it I felt I really understood and connected with. I was completely bemused by other parts and found them slightly disturbing. Lee Mingweis mending project was by far my favorite piece. I found it incredibly moving how the artist aims to create conversation and encounters between total strangers allowing stories and information to be passed between people. It made me think about how often I choose to avoid awkward trivial conversation in every day situations, and how realistically a lot can be gained from communicating with total strangers even if its is only a brief sense of satisfaction that I’ve done something out of my comfort zone. I loved the idea of the celebrating an item of ripped clothing rather than discarding it as turning something disposable into an artwork gives it an instant meaning.

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