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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A change of direction

Wolstenholme replied via email a few days ago with the following;

This is Mike Aitken, I run the studios here at WCS...
I am not sure if Caroline or Priya has replied to you yet, I had a look in the sent file and it doesn't look like it... Apologies if there has been a bit of confusion going on here...

Anyway, if you guys would like to come down to here and have a look around then you are more than welcome. I will be here all day tomorrow (Thurs) and on Friday...

Give me a call on 07714 277 792 and we can sort something out...

We do have an exhibition booked for the last three weeks in April, but we potentially have space for the first week... please still come and have a look around and I am sure we can sort something out.

Mike Aitken

We also received an email from the student union;

Hi all

Your details have been passed on to me because you have expressed an interest in using the LSU building as an exhibition space.

Really excited about this as it’s something that I’ve been pushing for since September.
You would be more than welcome to come and look around the space with myself and a member of our buildings team.

Times available are:
Friday – before 12 and after 1.30
Monday – before 1
Tuesday – all day
Thursday – before 12.30 and after 2.30

Jess Green

After pondering over the situation we decided that using Wolstenholme would be a bad idea simply due to the lack of interest Wolstenholme have shown and how long it took them to reply. We decided that they wouldn’t be particularly reliable to work with.

We visited the SU building this lunchtime. The space is completely different to Wolstenholme. It is very corporate, very banal, very grim and oppressive with absolutely no character what so ever. A totally blank canvas! As a group we have some concerns about the space;

• We are all slightly concerned about being able to adapt our work to the style of the space.
• We are concerned that the exhibition wont be well attended do to the nature of the space
• We are concerned that however hard we try we wont be able to change the corporate feel of the space.

However negative I felt about the place I also felt an equal sense of positivity about what could be done to it. I really like the idea of infiltrating a non-place such as the SU with creativity. It brings about more of a challenge!

I spotted a group of three conference rooms at the far end of the building one of which would be perfect for my video installation. The room is the perfect size to create a sense of claustrophobia and has tiny windows that could very easily be blacked out to achieve total darkness.

Jess Green has agreed to contact me in the next few days to confirm that the dates are suitable.

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