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Monday, 14 February 2011

Preparing for Thursdays assessment

         The two Learning outcomes for my assessment on Thursday are to   
  • Demonstrate consideration and awareness of modes and situations for the production and distribution of work appropriate to ideas and media
  • Demonstrate consideration of audiences for the production and distribution of Contemporary Fine Art Union has unintentionally added another concept to the work.  
Now that I have a fairly solid idea of where my work is going to be based, the concept behind the work has  thickened. When we went to look around the space available it was became very clear that what Jess Green has in mind for the space is completely different to what we want to achieve. Jess spoke quite passionately about using artwork to fill some of the dead space that exists in the union particularly the corridor space and she appeared to be quite taken aback by the idea of using conference rooms to set up installations instead of using traditional wall space. Due to this contrast in ideas, it is inevitable that all our work has also become about introducing contemporary art to a none art audience and also about changing the misconceptions about what art is and seeing how a none art audience will respond. 

The Space itself being particularly corporate and institutional compliments my piece as it emphasizes the anxiety of conformity and being part of an institution. Instead of tying to hide the fact that the place feels like an institution I plan to incorporate the feeling in to my work.       

I plan to Talk about the spaces we have been offered and to demonstrate how the specific room I have chosen will be perfect for my piece due to the ability to achieve total darkness. 
I will also explain how I have used a split screen technique to compensate for the possible lack of protectors and why I have used inspiration from Pipalotti Rist and Nam June Paik to compose the screens in the way I have.
I also plan to demonstrate and test out the idea of creating a waiting area (to emphasize the feeling of anticipation) by setting up a row of chairs outside.

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