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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Post Review

I feel that my review went according to plan. The feed back that I received was minimal yet informative. After showing both my Split screen projections I received two relatively opposing opinions. Miguel liked the idea of having 8 video pieces playing along side each other and thought that it was the appropriate way of using film to achieve the effect of anxiousness. Juan on the other hand had similar concerns to mine regarding the over complication and the lack of clarity of individual films. He also mentioned that using the lay out I did ( a 4 by 2 grid) gave the impression of a selection menu which a viewer would expect to be able to choose from. In a sense I think that the idea of not being able to choose from a selection menu and therefore preventing the clarification of a specific film causes anxiety and unease. I was also questioned about why I had decided to put together the films that I had. My response was that the choice was made purely by what worked aesthetically, mainly taking in to account the speed of the films and the colors. I was told by both tutors that the reason was a valid one yet it may be useful to look into choosing my films according to more specific reasons for example a common narrative. The idea of using the characteristics of the building was seen as a positive thing but I was told to consider the logistics of using a waiting area e.g. would people actually wait or simply dismiss the piece, how could I encourage people to wait. Another suggestion made by Juan was to show one or two films at a time but to change the the films at regular intervals. Therefore when individuals viewed the piece each experience would be different creating an uncertainty when recalling the event.


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