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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Nam June Paik; The godfather of video art

The exhibition lived up to my high expectations. It is curated in a way that shows how significant Paik was as a pioneer but it also displays his fantastic sense of humor. It was amazing to experience first hand the work that has created stimulus for the many video based artists that have inspired my practice. Nam June Paik is described as the 'Godfather of Video art' and 'the pioneer of technology based art.' Looking at Paik's work now it is very apparent that it is unbelievably generic of what 'video art' is. (His work consists mainly of multiple televisions projecting very fast paced, abstract imagery.) However to think how this kind of work would have been received in the 60's when technology was primitive is unimaginable.

In one piece entitled 'internet dream.' (like described above) A grid of televisions stacked one on top of another show a bombardment of popular media images that create a psychedelic repetitive pattern. It is an obvious prediction of how readily available information would become due to the development of technology in particular sights such as Youtube. A rather impressive prediction.

In one of his earliest works entitled 'one candle.' A closed circuit is created with a candle a video projector and five video projectors. Multiple projections of the candle are cast on the wall in bright glowing colours as it flickers. The piece contrasts the natural and meditative quality's of a candle with the very unnatural, hard technology yet somehow the two work together in perfect harmony.


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