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Monday, 21 March 2011

assesment preperation

After discussing my options of places to show my installation with various members of technical staff, I made the decision to find a room in the Art and Design Academy rather than to build an environment. The idea of Building a viewing environment appealed initially, however I subsequently found out that due to fire risks your not allowed to build a room within a room. The room I chose to use belongs to a very hidden disused collection of changing rooms on the lower ground floor. Its perfect as it resembles the room I have been given at the SU in size and also in the way it is completely characterless. Over the past week I have been clearing out the room and have been working on different ways of showing my piece in order to get the best feeling of anxiety.

 As well as focusing on the placement of my piece I have also been working on the development and conclusion of the films. After looking through the multitude of film footage I have collected over the year, I came to the conclusion that the most successful pieces (in my opinion) are the piece I created at the very beginning titled 'Irrational thought process' and also the piece 'controlling the uncontrollable.' As the two pieces are very different I plan to exhibit them as two totally separate pieces. I plan to use the idea of narrative in my installation to simulate an anxiety attack by splitting it in to three separate layers. Each layer will take the form of a different aspect of anxiety. The first layer will show the reality of what its going on in my surroundings and how my reality is distorted when experiencing an anxiety attack. The second layer will how the physical aspect of anxiety ie the fluctuation of my heartbeat and the loss of breath and the third will show the subconscious and irrational thoughts pushing to the foreground of my imagination. All three layers will be edited so that they play in sync. The experience will last roughly 4 minutes and will gradually increase in intensity until it reaches a climax and then gradually slow down to its original pace. 

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