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Friday, 18 March 2011

Exhibition preperation

During our meeting yesterday we came up with a plan of action as follows;

All advertising posters etc must be complete and ready to be distributed by Monday the 18th April (the first Monday back after Easter) giving us a week of having them up etc. On the Monday were all gonna meet to put them up around uni/ the SU etc.

We've come up with the idea that everyone should do miniatures of their work eg postcards mini models etc with the intention to sell them/ give them away on the opening night.

Also we thing everyone should make a cake or buns or something that we can ask for donations for.

And everyone needs to prepare a title and blurb about their work that we plan to print on to foam board and put up next to our pieces.

April the 26th is our opening night and the previous weekend is Easter weekend meaning that were gonna have to start setting up on Thursday the 21st.

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