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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Plan of Action

After feeling very unproductive and as though my project had become slightly stale I decided to bring up my concern in my Tutorial on Monday. The tutorial was very helpful in pushing me in the right direction and made me feel positive and exited about my project again.

I've realized that I have been solely concentrating on the technicality's of the films that I will be showing and have more or less bypassed the fact that my piece originally intended to be an experience. In my next assessment I plan to show my audience what I want the final exhibited piece to be. This will involve setting up the installation as it will be set up in the final exhibition. My main aim over the next couple of weeks is to create a dark viewing environment to show my films in and I plan to do this in one of two ways.

My first idea is to see if I can use the photography studio and find a way of showing my films in a pre-blacked out area.

My second idea is to create my own blacked out viewing box to show my films in. I like the idea of building my own space in a kind of child like, den building sort of way as this evokes memories of playing hide and seek as a child and being terrified of being found, in the same way that being chased up the stairs is terrifying.

My initial plans for the space are, to box off an area that feels slightly too small to feel comfortable in and cover up the ceiling with boards I will then use thick black fabric to prevent light coming through the entrance. During my assessment I will encourage people to enter the box both individually and in groups in order to see what makes people feel more anxious (the increased lack of space or the feeling of being alone.) There will be no seat available in the viewing box in order to increase a sense of unease. My concern is that positioning the projector/s in a way that allows the films to be seen will be difficult but I will deal with the technicality's as they arrive.         


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