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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Post grad lecture

Two students form the Royal academy London gave a talk about their experiences of postgraduate study. The post grad program they are currently in the middle of is interesting in that it is government funded (much like a BA) and involves a a maintainance grant, a fantastic situation to be involved in, however out of the 2000 candidates that apply there are only 20 places. However inspiring the talk was, I constantly had the thought in the back of may head "would you have gone in to post grad education if it hadn't all been paid for?" I am currently considering post grad study however the thought of at least tripling the amount of debt that I am currently in is a cause for concern!

Amy and blues works were very different. Amy who had graduate from goldsmiths showed her portfolio of mental films that vaguely related to the theme of childhood memories and childrens TV programs in the 80's. I didn't particularly relate to or like her work. The majority of her films were based in Northumberland (the place where she had grown up.) To physically film her pieces she had been traveling all the way back up north from London. I found this interesting as I'd have thought that being based in a very prestigious art college in the middle of London would have provided enough inspiration in itself to create work. If I moved down to London to do an MA I can see that I'd find myself in a similar position. However busy and big and exiting London is, the place I find inspiration for my work is generally my home environment of the North.

Blue talked very enthusiastically about her very richly art career so far. She talked about the seemingly millions of art shows she had been involved in and also of the many skills she had acquired on the way, from thatching and dry stone walling to training as a professional medium and in the meantime holding down a part time job as a professional Chef. She appeared to be an absolute wonder woman and personified the meaning of the word 'resourceful.' I left the talk feeling both in ore of her and a wanting to be her and also a feeling of absolute despair that I never would be.     

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