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Thursday, 20 January 2011

The anxiety of anticipation

I have recently noticed that the time I am at my most unsettled and nervous is when I am waiting for something to happen. For example if I am waiting for a train or waiting to see a doctor. No matter how trivial the event may be it is the active process of waiting for something to happen and the anticipation that causes the feeling of anxiety rather than the event itself. Once the event has commenced (the train has arrived or I'm sitting in the doctors surgery) the feeling of anxiety more often than not disappears completely. I intend to collect footage and create a film that plays on and emphisises this feeling. My idea is initially to film various situations where anticipation occurs with the intention of creating a film with a continuous sense of anticipation and therefore anxiety.

initial thoughts-
  • Create a continuous loop with lack of narrative (waiting for something that never happens)
  • I need to make sure the film is engaging (as waiting can essentially be very boring)
  • Try filming the arrivals at Lime street station (without getting arrested)

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