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Monday, 31 January 2011

Dialogue between myself and wolstenholme over the last few days

Rachel Armstrong January 28 at 1:58pm
Hi Priya,
We are a group of 7 2nd year fine art students from LJMU who have been informed that there maybe a possiblity of exhibiting in Wolstenholme. We've put together a proposal and attempted to send it to John O'Hare but we haven't yet heard back from him. Could you advise us of an alternative contact or pass on this message please.

Many thanks,
Rachel Armstrong 

Priya Sharma January 30 at 1:46pm Report
Hey Rachel,

John is no longer coordinating the space, it is myself and Caroline Smith who arrange exhibitions. It would be best to send the proposal and examples of the contributing artists works to: wolstenholmecreativespace@gmail.com.

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you,

Priya Sharma.

Rachel Armstrong January 31 at 9:05am

Thanks for your advice Priya,

Ive have sent the proposal to the suggested address
looking forward to hearing from you,


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