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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Collecting materal

Whilst in town today I decided to collect some film footage. I started by using my digital camera and simply filming my surroundings as I walked through Liverpool city centre however I began to feel increasingly more self conscious and uncomfortable as I began to get some puzzling looks then the battery died on my camera. I started filming using the camera on my iphone which enabled me to capture footage in a far more discreet way and also allowed me to concentrate on what I was filming rather that feeling self conscious.

The footage I managed to capture was interesting due to the effect created by using my iphone. The footage is distorted and fractured even before editing and much like my edited under water film the lack of clarity and visual satisfaction make the pieces interesting. As I was carrying the camera from my hip I was unaware of what I was filming therefore when looking back it is apparent that most of the footage is taken of above eye level. This is uncomfortable to watch as we cannot see directly ahead of us and we feel less in control of where the the film is taking us. I'm not sure how relevant the pieces are to my project however the nauseating effect they have on the viewer is possibly something to consider using. 


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