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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Pipilotti Rist

Due to the issues of femininity and sexuality that were brought to light in my previous video I was advised by Juan to look at Film artist Pipilotti Rist. Her style of film making is totally compelling. Not only in visual content but in the way she uses scale, space and sound to emphasize her subject matter. The film piece 'Ever is overall' has obvious sexual connotations surrounding the feminine stereotype however the thing that creates the impact is the composition of the screen.

As mentioned in previous blog entries the problems I have faced are the number of projectors available and also the lack of space available to conceal technical equipment within the boxed off area. Using a split screen technique such as the one Pipilotti uses is a good alternative way of projecting multiple film sequences without having to use multiple projectors. I also like the idea of contrasting two pieces of film along side each other. I will go on to experiment with split film projections.


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