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Monday, 17 January 2011


Last week we attended an event that introduced us to the world of working as a free lance artist. I found it reassuring to hear the various successes of people working in the art world. I learnt that if you have a business mind and entrepreneurial outlook on life then you are very likely to succeed in the majority of what you do (as long as you have something to sell) and the free lunch was rather nice. However the major problem I encountered with the day was that I don't have a business mind or an entrepreneurial out look on life so found it rather difficult to relate to the majority of what was said. I have never been able to see myself having an unreliable income. The fact that I took a degree in fine art completely contradicts this seen as fine artists are expected to live very unreliable and unpredictable lives. The idea of living off the art work I make and sell terrifies me and I know that whatever I end up doing after my degree will have to provide me with some form of financial stability. I guess i'll have to find a way of using my degree in a more predictable and reliable way!    

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